Smallest GPS Pet Tracker With Collar GSM/GPRS Positioning Real Time GPS Tracking Dog Pet TK909 Dog/Cat /IOS /Andriod App

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Product Name: TK909 pet satellite tracking Product weight: 450 grams Model: TK909 Memory: 1 (M) GPS positioning accuracy: 5-50 (m) Alarm mode: vibration alarm, fence alarm, overspeed alarm, mobile alarm Dimensions: 70*37*20(mm)(mm) Type of battery : Lithium battery Battery life: 120 (h) Waterproof function: IPX65 Antenna type: built-in External power supply form: external Interface text: English Type: Pet Locator Micro TK909 pet satellite tracking GPS locator Lifetime APP free Global application ManufacturerThe main function: Real-time free tracking, GSM/GPS dual-mode positioning, positioning accuracy can reach less than 5 meters; 1000 mAh ultra-large capacity battery, can be used for 240 hours on a single charge; Small size and equipped with high quality nylon pet collar; Electronic fence, speeding, low-power alarm, voice monitoring. Free tracking platform, computer, mobile client, IOS/Android APP, WeChat. The user can directly download the mobile client or the ID number on the back of the platform input device as the user name. The initial password is 123456. LED indicator status Green light - always on Green light - always on, no connection to GPRS network Green light - flashing GPRS network is normal Red light - off Red light - always on Blue light - no light device shutdown or malfunction Blue light - always on no GPS signal Blue light - flashing GPS signal is normal


Multiple Colors Available

Model NumberHM10C00109
Battery life30 Hours & Up