Z8-A-Pet Dog GPS Tracker Dogs Collar Cats GPS Function pet Tracker GPS Water Resistant USB Charging Cable Pet Puppy Suppliers

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Pet Dog GPS Tracker Dogs Collar Cats GPS Function Z8-A-pet Tracker GPS Water Resistant USB Charging Cable Pet Puppy Suppliers

Only support 2G network with Nano SIM card , Can't use in Australia, Korea,Japan !!!!


This is a very nice pet tracker. With the GPS function, it can tell you where your pet is at any time, avoid the loss of your pet, and record the pet tracking within 3 months. You can even call the pet tracker by setting the family number. This is absolutely the best choice for you.

Excellent Design: It is compact and lightweight, and it will not cause any burden to pets, looks very cute.
GPS Function: The pet tracker can locate your pet anywhere, you can see the location and movement of pet on the phone.
Security Fence: You can set an area around locator, alarming immediately when the pet getting in or out the area.
Remote Listening: Setting the guardian's cell phone number to keep in touch.
Callback Function: Setting the callback number. And click the ''sure" button, the pet tracker will automatically call to the phone number you set.
Water Resistant: It is waterproof and suitable for use in a variety of environments
120H Standby & Low Power Alarm: It has 120 hours standby time, and it will alarm if there is a shortage of electricity, reminding you to charge in time.
Condition: 100% brand new
Material: ABS + Rubber
Product Size: 6.6cm/2.6in × 3.7cm/1.5in
Package Weight: 165g
Package includes:
1 × Pet Tracker
1 × Collar Attachment
1 × USB Charging Cable
1 × User Munual
Please note, the Nano sim card not  included with this product !!
Pet Tracker for Dogs & Cats with GPS Instructions
1. Open the 2G nano card of GPS, and temporarily do not support 3G4G network;
2. Insert the card into it, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, the green light flashes quickly, and the device goes online;
3. The mobile phone scans the barcode on the device and adds the device;
4. Indoor LBS online, outdoor GPS online; 7 family numbers can be added;
5. The default is the standard mode, uploading once an hour; the precision mode is uploaded once a minute.
1. Will it be used for worldwide?
Yes, make sure the SIM card is supporting 2G GSM network and with GPRS function.
2. How to power off?
If already insert the SIM card, please take it out firstly.Wait 10   seconds and long press the power button for seconds, the light will turn   off.
3. It is waterpoof?
The silicone materials shell is waterproof, but the bare machine is not   waterproof.
4. Why the SIM card worke before but then stopped?
Please check whether the GSM GPRS function is still available.





MaterialABS + Rubber
FeatureGPS tracker
Feature 2GPS tracker,located
Feature 1compact and lightweight
Feature 3callback automatically
Feature 4waterproof
Product size6.6cm/2.6in x 3.7cm/1.5in
SeasonAll Seasons